Learn how to build your brand, grow your influence,
and generate an income online

Live Training Date:

1st May 2022


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Only 50 seats total

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This training course only comes twice a year! If you want to learn the major keys to build your brand online to generate an income, you need to be at this training!

In this Marketing Course:

I’ll cover the 5 key strategies to get your brand noticed online!

  • Show how you can achieve similar results by following my proven social marketing plan.
  • Utilizing social media to get more people at your events and purchasing your merchandise.
  • The steps in between to turn an average post into an interest generating one.
  • Turning your existing followers into superfans for your online brand that come to your shows and more.
  • Using websites, blogs and newsletter marketing to become a powerful influencer

Who is this training for:

  • If you want to learn how to grow your social media following and engagement quickly
  • If you have a large following, good engagement, and want to learn how to monetize it
  • If you’re a industry pro but don’t get the visibility or respect you feel you deserve
  • If you want to get more people showing up at your shows, purchasing your merchandise, and becoming authentically engaged in your brand




1 Day Training Sunday 1st May 2022 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST


Jorgen Bailey

Director of Relations, Truly Loud

Throughout his career, Jorgen (a.k.a. J. Marc Bailey) has been involved in most areas of the music industry - producing, arranging, writing, recording, engineering, promoting, booking, and performing live.

As an influencer himself and a Nashville recording artist, he's had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the great names in country music including: Chris LeDoux, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Diamond Rio, Sawyer Brown, Restless Heart, Phil Vassar, Deanna Carter, Little Texas, Gary Allan, The Little River Band, Brian White, Earl Thomas Conley, Highway 101, Ryan Shuppe, and 38 Special.

His most recent single, "I Can't Stop You" was released to Radio toward the end of 2021 and has been moving quickly up the terrestrial radio charts. It broke top 10 on the New Music Weekly charts just before the end of the year and is still climbing. It has already seen close to 300k streams across all the major digital channels.

Jorgen has been with Truly Loud for 7 Years sharing his knowledge, insights and experience with Truly Loud influencers and cads.

Jeneen Terrana is an influencer and a Nashville recording artist and has toured nationally and internationally with her original music.

She has released four studio albums and a live album and has received radio play in the US, UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. This included an interview and live performance on BBC radio. Her music was also heard across the UK in stores like Poundland and JJB Sports and her albums “My Creation”, “See the Light” and “Fallin” won her some critical acclaim with indie bloggers and review sites. The song Fast Lane was featured in the film “The Nameless”. She also made an appearance on the Food Network show “Homemade in America” after a successful crowdfunding campaign that used cakes and recipes as rewards.

Jeneen has been an artist on the Conquer platform for the past several years and has recently joined the Truly Loud team teaching the LMS courses and assisting with the live training.

Jeneen Terrana

Director of Influencer Education, Truly Loud

Only 50 seats total


The benefits going to the training will have on their life


Crack the code and learn the success steps today’s online influencer uses to turn their unknown brand into a global success.


Learn the tools to grow your following to be more engaged in your posts and projects.


Get the knowledge to organically turn your social media following into paying fans that are invested in your online brand and merchandise


Understand the breakdown to make a clean, cohesive online brand across all platforms, and use that cohesive brand to book more shows, get more press, and generate brand interest.


Learn the ins and outs of how lifestyle marketing with Truly Loud can propel your brand to the next level by utilizing lifestyle campaigns and contests to generate interest and income.


Understand how to use affiliate marketing to further grow an income for your brand online and offline by integrating product campaigns into your shows, videos and more.


Part 1 - Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer Industry Landscape
  • Practices Of Today’s Online Influencer
  • Recognizing A Successful Influencer Brand
  • Making Money As An Influencer
  • Social Media

Part 2 - Lifestyle Marketing

  • Understanding Lifestyle Marketing
  • Social Media + Lifestyle Marketing Success
  • Building Successful Lifestyle Contests and Campaigns
  • Becoming A Powerful Influencer
  • Monetizing Brands Online


I’ve attended two Truly Loud trainings. One was in NYC, and I loved it so much I went back and attended another one in North Carolina. I got so much out of the training, I learn something every single time I go.”


“I’ve learned so much from the CAD Training! I’ve been learning which hashtags to use, how often to post, how to leverage what my competitors are doing, and how to increase my engagement. I’ve already been getting results by having more followers, likes and comments and I’m just getting started! Can’t wait to learn more!”



9:00 EST

Part 1

12:00 EST

Lunch Break

1:00 EST

Part 2

5:00 EST

Training Ends

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What is the Lifestyle Marketing Training Course?

The lifestyle marketing training course is designed to help established musicians expand their online brand through lifestyle marketing tools, techniques and tips. This training course will teach you strategies to building a successful, cohesive, and strong online brand.

Can this help me grow my online brand and following?

Yes! The information in this training course will give you a step-by-step guide to understanding your existing brand and how to grow it through engagement, marketing, and lifestyle strategies.

What if I’m just getting started as a brand?

Whether you’re a seasoned influencer, or just launching your career online, this training will teach you everything you need to know to start off on the right foot, and get the foundation for a powerful online brand that gets you more opportunities as a influencer.

I’m a manager/producer/influencer team member. How will this training benefit me?

A influencer is only as good as their team right? The Lifestyle Marketing training course will not only benefit influencers, but their team as well. Learn the right steps to take to build successful lifestyle campaigns and contests, and how to grow a brand from average to influencer status in a short amount of time.